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I’ve been away from Tumblr for a while… but time to revamp and keep track of my work! I’ve unexpectedly gotten more into graphics design and I must say I loveee it and love learning new tricks and conceptual lessons. And deadline lessons -.-‘ 

But anyways…. recently made a quick little graphic for SeaCoast Grace Church. Really last minute, but it’s up on their website for a summer reading list and I confess I’m a bit proud. I’ll get better, I’ll envision and create graphics faster (I hope). But here’s a little grinning and bragging for now…

FCP (flip cups. Poww.)

Final Cut Pro has crashed on me twice while editing a simple slideshow for a memorial this weekend…
At least I remembered to save the second time around. Hope this isn’t a sign of my editing skills…

Worship Night, exhilarating fright!

Worked the thrice-hosted Worship Night at SeaCoast Grace today! Sometimes it’s fascinating to notice how things can go through months of planning and boil down to last-minute changes for a one-time chance of a live show.

I spent the whole day at SeaCoast putting together lyrics, videos, and text cues for the night of music; though sometimes I waited around for the set order to be finalized before I could make the changes accordingly. Nothing was too difficult to change, and I was even able to get a head start on the weekend set list. 

Rehearsal eventually came around three hours before the show and myself and an intern had to cover jobs on the Mediashout computer and on camera until the techies arrived (since this was a weekday event which people came to after their regular 9 to 5’s). It was really nice to see some old faces around campus for the worship night rehearsal and we went through the songs only a few times, which is amazing considering singers and band usually take half a week to prepare on their own and rehearse together. 

I was on roving camera again for the worship service, but it also meant I was actively filming longer without a half hour sermon in the service flow. The camera crew explored a few of the shots available during rehearsal (as much as you can track singers pacing around stage and asking sound engineers to adjust their in-ear mixes), and before you knew it, the singers were heading backstage and we rolling video sound checks. THANKFULLY, there was dinner catering for the crew and we all enjoyed warm soup and sandwiches from Panera (not gonna lie, I stuffed myself on several slices of French Roll bread). Then, everyone gathered together to hear the run-down, a hilarious list of last-minute assignments for speaking roles and decisions to seat the audience or call them to stand up. I also found out last minute that I would need to set up on a tripod around the audience for a open-mic portion of service which no one was sure how it would work out exactly, funnn last-minute additions. 

Eventually, we all took our place on stage and the first downbeat was counted down. The music was uplifting, singers intuitively interacted with the audience, and all elements came together to make a very touching night of worship and praise. Even with the dictating voice of the video director in my earpiece, and my own concerns of moving around stage and getting certain shots in time, I felt the energy in the building and loved the moments when I could hear the audience singing over the singers’ microphones.

Great night. Hope we touched some lives. 

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